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I really did move =)

new blog


So I found out something new about this blog, again.
Seems like photos with the same title will be replaced
so lame lar.
Now I have to find a day to read all my posts again and check if the pictures are the right ones.
Also, I'll need to name all my photos.

I am finding this fc2 thingy not so user-friendly already.
feel like changing back to the old one. Using back blogspot.
I guess people will really kill me if I'm changing links again lol!!!!
is this the 2nd time or 3rd time? I don't remember haha!
I like moving my blog all over the place. it's pretty fun.

should I use back blogspot or what? hmmm......
I'm excited all of the sudden already!

late birthday post 

We celebrated Pei Ye's birthday somewhere at niu che sui. I forgot which restaurant we went to but the food there were kinda nice

I went to Kimberly's house around 5 then we waited for May Gin. It's been ages since the last time I met them and it was pretty kekok at the beginning but then things started to warm up and it was like the old time again

The theme was Korean.

I really miss hanging out with them awww..

oh, before I forget, Happy Birthday to Rita ^^


I need to do some major re-editting of the pictures. Looks pretty much distorted to me

Speaking day =D 

Practically I was half forced by Mei Qi to Pyramid today after speaking test, and I forced Sue Ping to go top . Back to the speaking test, I think it was disastrous. I'm not sure what I said was still in the topic but I'm pretty worried about it. I think I did well for task B but not as good as the previous test we did.

So let's end the sad talk and move on to the happier ones.
Sue Ping drove to Pyramid today and we made several wrong turns

We had Takoyaki for lunch today. Sue Ping had free lunch. Mei Qi and I gave her 3 Takoyakis for the free ride . We had tong sui at the cafe beside Gasoline ( I don't rmbr the name) and instantly we felt like giving the tong suis back. I ordered red bean tong sui but it's like water+sugar+red beans. Yuck. and that cost me 4 bucks. U pay me 1 buck I can make you water+sugar+red beans better than yours lahz. at least I'll add extra more sugar and make the 'thing' looks better. ewwwwwwww


Before lunch, we went to Sony Centre where Mei Qi's brother is working, and I spotted this huge looking-alive poster of Chin's and who can resist such a cute boy
I'll chop off any hands near him XD except mine

he's looking at me

I hate thinggs when it is unclear and I don't have the guts to make things clear.
Don't just simply confess if you don't like me argh!
it's either yes or no
there's no 'maybe'

He's not reading my blog so it's okay for me to write whatever I want.
I want a clear and definite answer.

why am I so over-reacting....
It's just a joke from the beginning


MUET tomorrow 

I've got myself a new phone
Blackberry Storm.
It cost a bomb



It has a 3.2 megapixels camera which is totaly cool. Total clear image.

Good Luck for MUET tomorrow

There'll be no class for tomorrow and Wednesday *grins*

Recently I'm addicted to Restaurant CityIt's really cool because even if you leave it, the people will still work until they're exhausted
and you get money, without even looking at it. It caused me a lot of trouble trying to earn money in Pet Society. SO my brother hacked, and I used his money The bad news is that hacking doesn't work anymore
Please don't say that I'm mean.....
>>>bye bye, I'm abandoning you my pet

Natsumi just told me that her dad bought a katana. To fight off burglars. Robbers nowadays are getting more and more ganas. mana nilai murni sudah pergi *sigh* I might need a bazuka in my room



and I lied. Sorry.
The phone belongs to my daddy.

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